During the four years that I served on the ASTA National Board of Directors and Executive Committee, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work closely with Marc, in his role of Chairman of the CAC. Marc displayed on numerous occasions a deep seated passion for ASTA’s success, constantly volunteering to speak on behalf of ASTA at events, serving on numerous committees, recruiting new members and actively involved in fundraising for the ASTA PAC. One of the committees we worked closely on was the By-Laws committee. Marc was always prepared, understood the issues, logically stated various points of view and brought consensus among the group, even when discussing very contentious issues. I can think of no candidate that I would recommend higher than Marc to serve on the ASTA board. For the continued success of ASTA, please vote for him.
— Roger E. Block, President of the Travel Leaders Network and former Chairman of the Board of ASTA

More from ASTA leadership…

Just a few short years ago, ASTA was at a critical crossroad with declining membership and relevance in question. Fortunately, Marc Casto was new to the ASTA Board of Directors and played a critical part in a turnaround that saved our association. ASTA is relevant again and Marc is the perfect candidate to take ASTA to the next level. I fully endorse Marc Casto for National Director at Large.

Jay Ellenby

  • President of Safe Harbors Travel

  • former Chairman of the Board of ASTA

I've had the pleasure to serve on a number of travel industry boards with Marc. In every instance Marc's leadership and insight proved instrumental in driving the organization forward. Marc is a true though leader in the travel industry and I'm privileged to have worked with him.

Lee Thomas

  • Executive VP of ALTOUR

  • Former Chair of ASTA CAC

I’ve known Marc for over 15 years and served with him on the CAC. He is very focused on advancing advocacy for this industry; he is a strategic thinker unafraid to embrace technology. Marc has a proven passion for ASTA and our industry.

Jennifer Wilson Buttigieg

  • Co-President of Valerie Wilson Travel

  • Former Chair of the Board for the ASTA CAC

Highlights from those who have worked with Marc…

Marc Casto is an innovative industry leader who fosters a collaborative work environment and provides cutting-edge solutions for his clients. His ability to rapidly understand the needs of his team/s as well as the needs of the company's clients reinforces confidence and contributes to mutually rewarding partnerships.

I've had the sincere pleasure of working with Marc over the years and his dedication, commitment and overall acute business acumen has resulted in Casto Travel being one of the premier travel management companies in the country.

Sr. Director of Sales - Apple Leisure GrouP

I have the distinct pleasure of working with Marc Casto for the past four years. Marc shows a tremendous ability to motivate employees and to bring out the best of their abilities. He has shown to be compassionate, caring and takes opinions to heart, and places commitment and service to others above himself.

Independent Contractor


I have had the pleasure of working with Marc over the past several years. He is a visionary leader who has added great value to our organization as Board Chairman. He is very effective at determining the goals for an organization and then driving the internal leaders to produce great results.

Global Tourism Director for JLL

Marc runs on of the premiere travel management companies in the country, He is focused on customers, employees, technology, and the environment. His company is consistently on the leading edge of change in this industry. He is excellent at follow-up and is well regarded in the industry by customers and suppliers.

Advisory Board Member at BWG Strategy LLC
President of Hickory Global Partners

Highlights from clients of Casto Travel…

As a public, global company it was important for us to move to a managed travel setup. It was critical for us to cover duty of care while also keeping our travelers happy and our costs under control. After a couple TMCs failed our test challenge, Casto Travel stepped in and successfully went beyond our expectations. We followed the challenge by partnering with Casto to implement new technologies and improve upon our travel policies. Through their strong partner relationships, Casto was even able to negotiate special rates with multiple airlines despite us coming from an unmanaged, minimal data setup. With ever changing external and internal influences, we continue to closely partner with Casto, periodically optimizing our setup and making sure that our travelers are getting what they need.


In all my years in the industry and the numerous times I have implemented new travel management companies, this was the first time everything went so smoothly!! Casto Team was on top of its game! Always proactive! Always available! And no matter what curve ball was thrown at them, they adjusted and customized to fit our needs! We are excited to be partnered with Casto!!

Discovery Communications


We have been a client of Casto Travel for more than 9 years and they continue to serve us well. We have been solicited by many other Travel Management companies over the years but found Casto Travel solutions to best match our needs.


Working with Casto Travel for the past several years has been a true business partnership. With their partnership we have been able to realize major cost savings as well as keep informed on travel industry trends and news. We are pleased with the quality of customer service they provide. Reliable and efficient agents makes our day to day business travel process stress free.

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